Because we at JAGGS are so fond of this accessory, we developed real expertise in the field of cool, stylish bow ties.

And since our team doesn’t leave things half-finished, we put at your disposal the largest permanent collection of bow ties in Europe. No less than that.

With more than 1,000 different, pre-tied items, you will undoubtedly find THE one original touch that will make you stand out at your wedding or at any other major event. In silk, denim, cotton or even cork, there is enough for all tastes!

And if all our efforts are fruitless and we can’t get to design your ideal item, you can make up your own customised bow tie!

Why should made-to-measure be solely kept for suits and dress shirts after all?

JAGGS costume et chemise sur-mesure : Noeud Papillon Liberty Emma et Georgina Rouge dos blanc
liseret de fond

You have a theme in mind, you have envisioned a patchwork of colours and images but you can’t find what you are looking for in our collection?

Bring your pictures, moodboards and such Pinterest dashboards. Or simply your ideas.

We talk over your content and your specific demands.

The concept is to present you with our creative vision in order to fulfil your desires and imagine the customised bow tie of your dreams.

Now it’s our turn to get to work!

We comb our various suppliers and we search, according to your specificities, the fabrics that match your wishes.

During our appointment, we show you the various fabrics and materials we could unearth just for you. Once you settle upon your choice, we launch production.

It is possible to create a prototype for large series.

In accordance with your wishes, we design the bow tie or the collection of your dreams.

To a create a bow tie on demand, allow for 48 to 72 hours. As far as series are concerned, it depends on the workshop’s schedule.

Give your bow tie a feminine touch

Because a true gentleman can only be in good company, we alo offer feminine accessories! A trendy touch of colour, perfect to attune your bridesmaids or display the chemistry with your soulmate in matching wedding attire.

Tailoring a variation of your bow tie into feminine accessories is the best way to attune your outfits with both elegance and simplicity. From scrunchies to bracelets, discover our wide range of feminine accessories.

If there is one thing we don’t take lightly for sure, it’s precisely the quality of tailoring. To master all the aspects of it, we chose to insource the whole production chain of our bow ties. Manufacturing remains in the reach of our hand for a result that is in keeping with our values.

illustration retouches par JAGGS

Our very own workshop

As a proof of quality and flexibility, we do not resort to an external supplier. Instead we own our workshop, which works exclusively for us.
Illustration 100% fait main Made in Belgium

100% Belgium-made, tailored in Waterloo

Our workshop is located at JAGGS’s shop in Waterloo, ensuring 100% Belgian making.

Hand-made by expert seamstresses

All our bow ties are hand-made by our own seamstresses

We have create a product range intended to children, which is specifically adapted to their body type and their collar size.

This way, even our little angels can wear cool, elegant apparel.

In fact, you’re never too young or too old to convert to JAGGSSTYLE!

Nœud papillon enfant Liberty “Queue for the Zoo”
Nœud papillon liège "Merlot" à paillettes argentées - bague rose framboise

At JAGGS, our bow ties are available in all materials.

All materials, really? No, not wood actually! A purely marketing product, we consider it does not adapt to the flexibility and style a gentleman’s outfit deserves.

When you take a closer look, you will notice we (sort of) do offer wooden bow ties. To be more exact, they are made out of cork. A material which allows to reconcile the bow tie with the shape and the characteristics that make this item timeless.

Our permanent collection numbers at more than 1,000 different bow ties.

With its regular updates, it brims over the drawer with original models that are suited for all sorts of events

Wear a bow tie and you will be a follower of fashion. Wear it with matching accessories, and you will lead the trend!

At JAGGS, we have create a entire world of accessories with variations for men, women and children from a same fabric. 

This way, gentlemen will find cufflinks and pocket squares for their suits and ladies will be provided with bracelets and headbands!

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Come directly to our shop to design your own bow tie!

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