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The following general sales terms rule the relations between, on the one hand, MJHA SPRL – JAGGS (and all affiliate organisations), and on the other hand, any person who purchases through the website and/or in any of JAGGS’ physical shops, hereinafter known as “the Customer”.

The parties agree that the orders sent to JAGGS on the website and in shops are exclusively ruled by the following general sales terms, excluding any other term that might be available.

Any Internet user may read carefully the general sales terms on the website. As these general sales terms may be subject to ulterior amendments, the applicable terms are those which are in force on the website on the date the order is placed.

General Sales Terms

1. In the absence of specific terms, the only valid applicable terms are those stated hereinbelow and exclude any other term. The customer acknowledges having taken notice, at the moment of placing the order, of the specific sales terms stated on this screen, and expressly declare they accept them unreservedly.

2. Any measurement work shall be billed, even though no order should be placed, on the basis of the following scheme: shirt (€50); 2-piece suit (€300); 3-piece suit (€500); jacket, waistcoat and trousers (€200); others (€300).

3. The exact colour of the fabrics (suit, shirt, linings… or any other sample, including leather) displayed in the sample booklets is not contractual in terms of shade accuracy.

As samples are cut from a roll, they will never match accurately the shade of another roll. In fact, yarn dying baths may be different. As a result, slight variations may be noticed, with no effect on the fabric’s quality.

4. Any customisation modification brought after the order is finalised shall be billed to the tune of the requested change.

5. Any item received in a shop and notified to the customer shall be considered as relinquished after more than 12 months. It will be donated as a learning tool to sewing schools, or used for JAGGS’ marketing purposes, with no right of retrieval for the customer.

6. Alterations are no longer guaranteed should the customer request a change of at least one size (+4cm for chest and/or abdomen and/or pelvis and/or waist) between the measurements and the fitting session. Of course, our team will remain humane and will adapt to special cases.

7. From the moment the customer is notified their item has been received at the shop, they have 3 months to come for a first fitting session. Guarantee no longer applies to alterations requested once the 3-month period after the shop reception notification is over.

8. Gift cards cannot be refunded.

General Rental Terms

1. JAGGS shall not be held responsible should the customer provide incorrect measurements while remotely booking a rental.

2. Rentals cannot be refunded. They may however be converted in a voucher of equal value, valid for 12 months after it is issued.

3. If a rented item is damaged by the customer (snag, tear, permanent stain…), a purchase excess is available: trousers (€250); waistcoat (€200); dinner jacket (€350); morning coat jacket (€450).

4. Rentals are contractually considered to run from Fridays at 2pm to Tuesdays at 6pm at the latest. Any additional day with a rented item leads to an automatic €10/day add-on.

5. Last-minute rentals are subject to a surcharge. Rentals booked for the same day are “Super Express” rentals, with a surcharge of €49. Rentals booked less than 5 days before pick-up, “Express” rentals, are subject to a surcharge of €39.

E-shop Sales Terms

1. Save specific terms, the only valid applicable terms are those stated hereinbelow and exclude any other term. The customer acknowledge having taken notice, at the moment of placing the order, of the specific sales terms stated on this screen, and expressly declare they accept them unreservedly.

2. The methods for the payment, delivery and carrying out of this convention are as follows :
The payment can be performed on the website only with the help of the available payment modules. The accepted electronic payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Bancontact, PayPal.
Should the transaction be paid with a credit or debit card, the order shall not be considered completed and the contract with JAGGS shall not come into force before JAGGS has received authorisation from the card’s issuer.

3. The displayed clothes and accessories are a depiction. The final product’s actual colour and structure may differ. The rendition of colours differs from screen to screen and pictures are therefore not an accurate representation but remain an approximate indication. JAGGS may not be held responsible for a differing rendition.

4. The prices stated on our website are in euros and include, unless stated otherwise, VAT, administrative costs and any other services. They do not include, where necessary, the contribution to logistical and shipping expenses, as it is mentioned separately and in a clear manner during the ordering process and is included in the total price.

5. Any complaint regarding the delivery and the conformity and visible defects must be addressed to JAGGS within eight days after the delivery and in any case before the utilisation or resale of the items.

6. The right to withdraw does not apply to customised (made-to-measure) items.

7. In case the order is canceled, the purchaser shall also have to pay a standard rate equalling 15% of the order’s value as a compensation, with a minimum of €10, without prejudice of higher damage and interests. This sum shall be possibly collected on the down payment, should one have been requested.

8. The delivered goods remain JAGGS’s property as long as they have not been paid for.

9. In case of a dispute, only the courts or the justice of the peace in Brussels are the competent jurisdiction. The applicable law is that of Belgium.

10. Should the purchaser not collect the items on the given date, JAGGS reserves the right to consider the agreement as terminated, running from the end of a 15-day period, without any prior formal notice. The storing of goods awaiting delivery or collection is at the purchaser’s expense and risks.

11. Both parties may terminate the agreement without any compensation, should it fail to be carried out for reasons of force majeure, labour strike (including of the latter party), lockdown among others.

12. JAGGS also reserves the right to consider the agreement as terminated in its own right and without any prior formal notice, in case of the purchaser’s bankruptcy or manifest insolvency.

13. All the other recovery costs incurred by the lack of payment are not included in the standard rate of reimbursement, and shall be borne separately by the purchaser.

14. The purchaser’s order shall be processed in compliance with the Privacy Protection Policy, available on the website and being an integral part of these general sales terms.

15. Should the payment fail to be carried out, JAGGS reserves the right to put delivery and any services on hold.

16. The goods are shipped at the purchaser’s risks, except in case of deliberate or very serious malpractice from the hauler’s part. Shipping costs are at the purchaser’s expense, unless stated otherwise.

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