Now it’s clear: at JAGGS, we make tailored clothing!

And not in a random fashion! Not only does our team comprise the best tailors, we also defend values that are close to our heart.

It is rooted in our jeans (oops, genes !).

From the size-up to the after-sale service for your garment by way of personalised guidance and fabrics selected with expertise, our goal is straight: to guide you towards elegance.

This is what we call JAGGSSTYLE!

JAGGS costume sur-mesure - Prise des mesures pour la réalisation d'un manteau sur-mesure


Your clearly want to know more about what we do at JAGGS, and above all how and why?

That’s very simple.

At JAGGS, we set ourselves a mission: to clothe modern men with style and dust off the made-to-measure industry to bring it back into the everyday life of today’s men.

In short, we provide you with tailor-made clothing items to make your wardrobe elegant and suited to your personality. To that end, we emphasize decent service and full-fledged, benevolent guidance. We are well aware that not everyone is accustomed to made-to-measure, so don’t worry, we are here to help you along.

As for fabrics, patterning and tailoring, it’s very simple: we work with the best to bring you the best. We are uncompromising about that!

Let’s face it: JAGGS is in line with an innovative approach.

We dust off the made-to-measure industry point-blank to bring you entiry customisable clothes that fulfil the modern desires for elegance.

Our team of tailors, who draw inspiration from the English and Italian styles, assist you in choosing and designing unique made-to-measure garments. They help you take on the gentleman’s style in all situations.

Whether it is a matter of body type, or you have a specific wish, or you are concerned with detail or you are looking for unequalled comfort, JAGGS will meet your expectations.

With our pieces of advice, you break out of the mould to create your very own, copy-proof style! And you do that combining the dynamic cuts of the day with the best of tradition. A promising introduction!

JAGGS has always abided to the tenet of selling at the fairest price. This may sound a bit marketing-ish but our team offers a balance between a European making, fair salaries for the tailors and quality fabrics, all the while as democratising made-to-measure.

With all that, you will find in our shops a quality, tailor-made suit from 690 €! And the price includes the size-up, quality tailoring performed exclusively in Europe, and a vast selection of fabrics from renowned brands such as Scabal, Loro Piana, Hudderfield…

A full-range offer and tailored follow-up without spending a fortune, what else could you hope for?

Designing gorgeous tailor-made clothes is great, but designing ethical tailor-made clothes is even greater! This is why JAGGS has committed itself to preserve European craft.

JAGGS makes clothes exclusively in European workshops and in the vicinity of our Belgian borders. This allows us to ensure permanent excellence control and to keep an eye on manufacturing conditions.

We hold ethics and quality close to our heart.

Not only are we utterly convinced, we first and foremost have a taste for beautiful things, and this is the reason why we have chosen to preserve the know-how of European artisans.

The Made-in-Belgium touch is not sitting on the sidelines.

JAGGS has chosen to set up a tailoring workshop on location in Waterloo, with seamstresses whose expertise lets them design all of its accessories, from bow ties and pocket squares to neckties and cufflinks, and even more.

A way for us to vitalise the local economic fabric, to be part of a (very) local distribution channel, and also to meet the demand instantly. Being very close to the workshop allows us to design made-to-measure bow ties in real time.

It is also in our workshop in Waterloo that all the alterations for your suits take place.

We were 2 mates back in 2015. Now we’ve grown to 10. And everyone (or so) is nice in the team!

We are a perfect blend of entrepreneurs, creators and enthusiasts.

But above all, we are people who long to pass on the taste for elegance and the concern for a job well done!

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