Develop your style with the assistance of our image adviser!

It is not always easy to get your bearings among the plethora of possibilities available in our shops. And though a clothing style may suit somebody, it may not necessarily suit others.

This is why we offer additional image counselling services.

For what purpose? To find the #JAGGSSTYLE that suits you best!

Our image adviser makes sure to find the clothing style that matches your personality. They help you assert your self-confidence with the help of your wardrobe.

Choose the formula that you feel is best adapted among our Fast, Business, Elite, Executive or Success packs for a flawless style.


Men's relooking

We create a gentleman’s style that suits you from A to Z:

  • Discover your style in accordance with your personality and your work environment ;
  • Full-scale analysis of your wardrobe: clothes that you will keep (or not), clothes to pair together;
  • Try different styles right on site;
  • Pick accessories (belt, braces, bow tie…) that match your style;
  • Draft up a list of potential purchases from JAGGS and from our partner brands.

Our image adviser conducts a morpho-style analysis of your face:

  • Analysis of the shape and bone structure of your face;
  • Advice on what hair/beard/moustache trim you should sport depending on your personality and your work environment;
  • Advice on what garments/accessories you should wear depending on your face: collar types, scarves, neckties, bow ties…

Our image adviser conducts a morpho-style analysis of your body:

  • Determining your body type;
  • Determining what clothing cuts are best adapted to your silhouette so as to enhance your body;
  • Examples of clothes to avoid depending on your silhouette;
  • Trying on clothes adapted to your silhouette on site;
  • Possibility to create different effects to let you seem taller or of a lesser height, more slender or burlier.

We create your colour profile:

  • Determining the tones that play up your complexion and enhance your personality;
  • Determining the tones you must avoid at any cost;
  • Determining the trendy seasonal colours.

We try to grasp your personality and your work environment, and we then take stock of your current wardrobe. All of that will help us better get to know you and delineate jointly your expectations.

ceintre - redessinez votre dressing

Make over your wardrobe

With the help of our image adviser, you will make your wardrobe over.

Find the style that matches your personality and get rid of the clothes that look bad on you.

morphologie - conseil en image

Put your body type forward

You are beautiful, yes you are.

Our role is to accentuate your natural beauty and your shape, and to adapt your outfits accordingly.

conseil en image - confiance en soi

Gain self-confidence

A style that matches your personality is also another way to assert your self-confidence.

By following the advice of our image adviser, your style won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Want to know more about it?

Contact our image adviser and we will arrange for an appointment to assess your needs so we may best meet your expectations.

Our adviser is awaiting you!

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