For months and months we searched, tested and evaluated the best chinos on the market.

And we ended up making our very own chinos, by picking the best among the best of the best. You read well, 3x best.

And that includes that we met the needs our community demanded so as to make THE perfect chinos

… and this is how the Tailor’s Chinos were born!

The outcome: a fabric that ensures comfort and breathability, sartorial finishes and two cuts – slim and regular – to meet each and everyone’s needs and wear elegant chino trousers.


pantalon chino pour homme

liseret de fond

We designed our men’s chino trousers to meet a concrete demand and take into account the experience of our community members. To develop these chinos, we worked on the basis of the thousands of answers they sent us on a dedicated questionnaire.

Our 2 ranges of chinos, the “Essentials” and the “Summer Edition”, are cut from fabrics that aim for unprecedented comfort and breathability.

If their respective make-up is different, we meant them to be rather lightweight (310g) and with a dash of elastane, just enough to ensure elasticity to fit your body type.

JAGGS combined all the particular elements that make your chino trousers a comfortable, elegant item. So much so that it could nearly be labeled “tailor-made”.

And to assist JAGGS in the process, the whole community got involved to define the trendy needs! Thanks to the thousands of answers we received, we have been able to outline the real needs and problems inherent to chinos: wear and tear, buttons that pop out, loosening seams, fading colours…

We therefore took these elements (and many others) into account In the making process of our chinos to ensure an optimal product with sartorial finishes designed for your comfort and style.

illustration intérieur de poche chino du tailleur


Five pockets give the Tailor’s Chinos an elegant appearance.

Two side pockets, two on the rear and a fob pocket.

The side pockets are slanted with optimal amplitude and are topstitched with style at regular intervals.

On the rear, two pockets with double piping mould the curve of your buttocks, with resulting smooth, neat shapes.

On the front, on the chinos’ right side, we have chosen to add a small fob pocket, more because of its design than its practical use, which has passed into oblivion.

illustration tissage de qualité premium

The fabric

Each range of the Tailor’s Chinos has its own fabric.

Th “Essentials” Chinos are cut out of Brisbane fabric. It suits all seasons of the year and consists of 98% cotton and 2% elastane for a weight of 310 g/m.

The “Summer Edition” Chinos are cut out of Numartex fabric, which consists of 72% cotton, 26% Tencel and 2% elastane.

Two sturdy fabrics that excellently stand the test of time

illustration fermeture à tirette pour chino ou bermuda

The fastening

The Tailor’s Chinos come with an acclaimed metal zip (instead of buttons).

It is reinforced with double stitching both to extend durability and for the high-end aesthetics.

The materials were also carefully selected to avoid failure after a few uses and to avoid jamming.

illustration chino premium prêt à porter 2

The cuts

Each pair of chinos is available in regular cut (straight from the waist down to the ankles) and in slim cut, more adjusted and fitted.

Our chinos are available in sizes ranging from 29 / XS to 44 / XXL (UK/US).

illustration couture du chino du tailleur - prêt à porter

The seams

The Tailor’s Chinos are seamed in a sturdy, reinforced way, unlike most chinos and their weak points, so as to reduce the wear and tear points.

A guarantee of durable chinos so they make part of your wardrobe for a long, long time.

illustration V d'aisance sure les chinos premium prêt à porter

The after-dinner split

The JAGGS Team has decided to supplement the chinos with an after-dinner split on the rear.

A small, elegant split that adjusts comfort to your belt when you sit down… or when you gain a little weight!

This will adjust your size even when your body type is subject to minor changes

JAGGS’s chino trousers are available in two complementary ranges: the “Essentials” and the “Summer Edition”, coming in 12 tones, from the more classic to the more showy.

Two cuts can be applied to these high-end trousers for men, the regular chinos and the slim chinos, in sizes ranging from 44 to 60 (EU) (29 to 44 US/UK)

The Tailor’s Chinos come in shop at the unique price of 159€, bottom alteration included.

The 12 tones are available in our Waterloo and Namur shops as well as on our digital shop, for the enjoyment of everyday elegance lovers.

The "Essentials" for JAGGSSTYLE every day

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La "Summer Edition" pour un JAGGSSTYLE estival !

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The purpose of the Tailor’s Chinos is to convey our experience in the field of made-to-measure into elegant ready-to-wear clothes.


European workshops

We have made the choice of ethics and quality.

Our chinos are made in European workshops as a way to ensure unique, undisputable know-how.

illustration tissu de qualité premium

High-end chinos

The Tailor’s Chinos are cut out of fabrics with proven, acknowledged excellence!


Free alterations

The trouser bottom alterations are guarantees and included in our service.

Just to make sure your chinos are fitting down to the millimeter.

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