At JAGGS, we always strive to go farther and we offer you to tailor your customised jumper. What better way to keep yourself warm with style all-year-round?

A unique experience in Belgium, you can now supplement your wardrobe with a lovely tailor-made wool jumper.

They are available in cotton and cashmere too!

JAGGS’s jumpers are all the more unique as they are only woven on demand and not from generic fabric rolls.

Tailor-made jumpers are available from 249€.

JAGGS : Pull sur-mesure avec choix des couleurs personnalisables


Design your cashmere, wool or cotton jumper in no time at all.

Select the weave and the finishes that you like for a warm and timeless jumper.

Enough to have a garment that suits you everyday.

You woven-on-demand jumper may feature the characteristics of your choice.

Choose the model, the thickness of weave, and the yarn colour.

Other customisation elements are yet to be discovered in our shops!

illustration pull sur-mesure


No less than 12 cut models are available: round neck, V-neck, cardigan neck, polo-neck, zipped neck…

You can even design your made-to-measure T-shirt or polo shirt with JAGGS!


Weave type

Are you looking for a silk jumper? Or wool, or lambswool? Or maybe do you prefer a tailor-made cashmere jumper? We have all you need!

Pick the raw material and the weave that you want.

Illustration bobine de fil pour confection de vêtements sur-mesure

Yarn colour

A plethora of coloured threads are available.

If you fancy originality, select a contrasting colour for the thread of your jumper’s elbow pads and its neck and wristband finishes!

As for the design of our other made-to-measure clothing items, we sketch a pattern that fits your body type and meets your desires.

Your jumper will keep you really warm and will be as adjusted as it could be. Never will your sleeves be too long and your neck too tight!

The tailor-knitted jumper is available from 249€.

This price includes all the stages in the making and the guidance of our professional tailors in our European workshop!

JAGGS is the one and only tailoring company in Belgium that lets you design your own made-to-measure jumper freely.

Illustration bobine de fil pour confection de vêtements sur-mesure

Weaving-on-demand only

Weaving is only available on demand.

That way, your jumper is an only piece that was not made from a generic fabric roll.

illustration boule d'épingle pour costume sur-mesure

Keeping your measurements

Your measurements are archived and will be re-used for a subsequent order.

That will save you time!

illustration garantie de livraison en 4 semaines maximum

Have your jumper delivered in 4 weeks

Your tailor-made jumper will be there about 4 weeks after we size you up.

Express delivery is also available.

Whether you have already totally succumbed to charm or you prefer to get information directly in our shop first, we invite you to book an appointment.

Discovery appointment: 30 minutes to make yourself an idea!

If you feel tempted by JAGGSSTYLE but you are not quite sure about your choice, let’s meet up and we will show you all the things that can be done in concrete terms, from fabrics to customisation…

This meeting takes 30 minutes in general.

You are convinced by JAGGSSTYLE? Great!

If you have never purchased from JAGGS, it is necessary that we book an appointment for your first order so you may have your measurements taken, design and order your jumper.

For your first order, allow for 1 to 2 hours depending on the type of clothes, accounting for the size-up, the selection of fabrics and customisation.

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Visit our shop directly to design your tailored jumper. It takes about 30 minutes to go through a first order with size-up included.

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