Straight or double-breasted, with different lengths, an overcoat is a centrepiece of men’s wardrobe that is left in oblivion too often. Yet it is ideal to put the finishing touch to your gentleman’s outfit!

Not only is it essential to wear on a suit or a jacket, it is also the best way to perfect an outfit with style when the cold sets in.

A real must-have to complete your made-to-measure suit with dignity!

Ideal for winter, our overcoats allow you to shelter from the cold and weather conditions with elegance.

At JAGGS, you will find a made-to-measure men’s overcoat from 890€.

JAGGS : Manteau sur-mesure à motifs Pied de Poule cravate rouge


To create an overcoat that matches your personality, several steps are necessary: selecting the fabric, customising the whole overcoat, and at last, taking your measurements.

Your coat can be tailored from a wide range of fabrics made out of wool, cotton and cashmere… or even 100% cashmere!

You choose the colouring, the texture and the patterns of your liking for an overcoat that matches your personality and your unique style.

Configure your garment as you wish by selecting the customisation option and create the overcoat model which appeals to you: cut, pockets, lining, buttons…

Make the most of your visit in our shops to ask information about all the customisation possibilities.

illustration manteau sur-mesure

The cut

Straight or double-breasted, under the knee or at mid-thigh length, an overcoat’s cut will either reflect a sense of tradition or of modernity, a dynamic feel or one of sobriety… or an elegant blend of both!

illustration poche personnalisables sur manteau sur-mesure

Pockets & buttons

You choose the number and shape of pockets, as well as the sort of buttons, from material to colour.


The lining

In the like of suit jackets, you may choose the lining that you please for your overcoat, no matter if it’s funny, colourful or low-key.

Our tailors then take your entire measurements to make an overcoat that fits your body type.

Your measurements are then turned into a master pattern, an actual clothing ID.

At JAGGS, we sell men’s overcoats from 890€.

An overcoat ought to be lasting and enter your wardrobe every wintertime. To this prospect, it must meet 2 essential criteria: fit your body type and be made out of materials that stand the test of time and weather.

illustration garantie de livraison en 4 semaines maximum

Delivered in 4 weeks

After your measurements are taken and your order is placed, your overcoat is delivered within 4 weeks.


Guaranteed alterations

Our tailors can alter your overcoat for up to 90 days after we receive it.

illustration boule d'épingle pour costume sur-mesure

Archived measurements

All your measurements are kept so as to make your further orders faster and easier.

Whether you have already totally succumbed to charm or you prefer to get information directly in our shop first, we invite you to book an appointment.

Discovery appointment: 30 minutes to make yourself an idea!

If you feel tempted by JAGGSSTYLE but you are not quite sure about your choice, let’s meet up and we will show you all the things that can be done in concrete terms, from fabrics to customisation…

This meeting takes 30 minutes in general.

You are convinced by JAGGSSTYLE? Great!

If you have never purchased from JAGGS, it is necessary that we book an appointment for your first order so you may have your measurements taken, design and order your overcoat.

For your first order, allow for 1 to 2 hours depending on the type of clothes, accounting for the size-up, the selection of fabrics and customisation.

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Get your wool overcoat made at JAGGS! It takes about 30 minutes to go through a first order with size-up included.