The true specialty of the JAGGS house, our suits embody modern masculine elegance and reflect a contemporary vision of traditional made-to-measure.

At JAGGS, we offer you THE tailor-made men’s suit your are looking for. Moreover, it is tailored in exceptional European workshops with long-proven craft. 

With the assistance of our tailors, break from conventions to create a copy-proof style: yours!

We have more than 5,000 fabrics in shop to let you make your choice and we boast the prestigious textile makers Scabal, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Huddersfield… as our suppliers.

Depending on what use you intend your garment to, you may opt for mohair, flannel, cashmere or even Harris Tweed.

In short, we’ve got the fabric that meets your needs!


Créez votre costume sur-mesure

It’s simple, the making of your suit unfolds in 3 steps: selecting the fabric, customising and taking your measurements.

First and foremost, you must choose what fabric your outfit will be made out of!

A step as primordial as it is personal, you get to select THE fabric that you like best among the 5,000+ different fabrics. Ample choice to find what you wish for.

Let yourself be guided by our tailors to find the material, the weave and the colouring you need.

Then you customise your suit as you feel like from a plethora of aspects: lining, collar thin felt, embroidery, pockets, and so on.

Many other elements can be customised but we will let you find out about them with our tailors.

illustration doublure interne de costume sur-mesure

The lining

An actual antechamber to your creation, the interior of your tailor-made suit’s jacket, and in particular the lining, always appears discreet when you are wearing your jacket.

But with subtlety, it may conceal a notable aspect of your personality!

You may choose an understated, plain and conventional lining.

Or on the contrary, you can indulge yourself in more “whimsies” and express your laidback mindset by going for a coloured, flowered lining, or one with an original pattern.

From exotic fruits to vintage bikes, the Beatles and pin-up dollies, imagination knows no bounds nor shortage at JAGGS!

illustration feutrine de col personnalisable pour costume sur-mesure

Collar thin felt

Located on the reverse of the jacket’s lapel, under the collar, it can be customised as well.

Of course, it is hardly visible, but never forget that elegance often lies in the details!

Thin felt can be low-key, brightly-coloured, or made out of alcantara. It is generally made to match the colour of the suit’s lining.

illustration broderie personnalisée sur costume sur-mesure


Customised embroidery makes your tailored suit all the more unique a garment.

You may embroider your initials, a specific date (which works for a wedding suit, e.g.), or even a personal message to breathe life into your outfit.

illustration boutons au choix pour costume sur-mesure

Ths buttons

All the buttons can be customised too. Depending on the materials or the colours, they either contrast or match with the selected fabric. Choose tone-on-tone buttons or else cognac-coloured to match with your shoes for instance…

illustration poche personnalisables pour costume sur-mesure


Pockets are also very important in a suit. They literally outline your garment and give emphasis to it. You may choose their number, their shape, their slant and even their dimensions…

illustration boutonnières contestées pour costume sur-mesure


Your buttonhole allow you to enhance your jacket with a subtle touch of colour. Whether it matches or contrasts, this small detail infuses another measure of elegance to your suit.

The actual cornerstone of your order when you buy your very first tailored suit from JAGGS, allow for one hour to be sized up for the sketching of your pattern.

On top of the forty-some points of measurement that are required, our tailor creates your unique pattern so your suit fits closely to your body type. We also correct the symmetry of your shoulders as well as various points of your stance.

All the measurements are kept in our workshop to make your further orders easier, so you may build up a quality wardrobe in all simplicity.

At JAGGS, we have always meant to sell at the fair price. No nasty surprise on the bill.

As a result, you may find a tailor-made 2-piece suit from €890 and a 3-piece from €1190!

And these prices include the size-up, exclusive European quality making, and a wide range of choice among renowned brands such as Scabal, Loro Piana, Hudderfield…

All our suits are tailored in a “semi-traditional” fashion. Which implies, among others, a horsehair-embroidered canvas mount on the lapel.

A made-to-measure JAGGS suit is the guarantee of quality that extends far beyond the mere cut!

Choose your JAGGSSTYLE!

For more information, select the style of outfit you are looking for

One of the JAGGS Team’s goals is to modernise made-to-measure suits: to dust off its image and bring it back into fashion. In short, to make it part of your gentleman’s wardrobe in its own right. 


European workshops

We have made the choice of ethics and quality.

JAGGS only works with European workshops, which are a guarantee of unique, undisputable craft.

illustration tissu de qualité premium

Quality luxury fabrics

JAGGS only works with fabrics with proven excellence.

From Scabal to Loro Piana by way of Hudderfield, we work in close collaboration with the big names in the textile industry.


Guaranteed alterations

All the alterations are guaranteed and included in our service. Just so you be certain your suit is adjusted down to the millimeter.

Whether you have already totally succumbed to charm or you prefer to get information directly in our shop first, we invite you to book an appointment.

Discovery appointment: 30 minutes to make yourself an idea!

If you feel tempted by JAGGSSTYLE but you are not quite sure about your choice, let’s meet up and we will show you all the things that can be done in concrete terms, from fabrics to customisation…

This meeting takes 30 minutes in general.

Le JAGGSSTYLE vous tente mais vous n’êtes pas encore certain de votre choix ?  Faisons connaissance et nous vous montrons tout ce qu’il est possible de faire concrètement : tissus, personnalisation…

Cette rencontre prend généralement 30 minutes.

You are convinced by JAGGSSTYLE? Great!

If you have never purchased from JAGGS, it is necessary that we book an appointment for your first order so you may have your measurements taken, design and order your suit.

For your first order, allow for 1 to 2 hours depending on the type of clothes, accounting for the size-up, the selection of fabrics and customisation.

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We are standing at your disposal in our shops to design your tailor-made suit!

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