Need a shirt to complete your tuxedo outfit? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether it’s for a wedding, a prestigious ceremony, a formal dinner or a ball, a tuxedo is a very special outfit. And it must be accompanied by a perfectly adapted shirt!

If this evening dress is very formal, it is imperative that it is also comfortable. And this inevitably requires the know-how of our tailors.

You can customize your shirt as much as you like, and you can opt for a bib of the shape and size you want, musketeer cuffs (to be dressed up with cufflinks) or simple cuffs, etc.

At JAGGS, the tuxedo shirt for men is available from 99€ without bib and 149€ with bib.

Chemise de smoking sur-mesure avec un col cassé

Create your tailor-made tuxedo shirt

liseret de fond

Tuxedo dress is extremely codified. If you can play with these rules, you must also respect a certain elegance.  

This very chic collar with short flaps is synonymous with special occasions. It is therefore essential to associate it with your tuxedo shirt. 

It stands out even more if you choose a shirt with a hidden throat, which we strongly recommend.

The tuxedo shirt traditionally includes a bib.

This characteristic addition to the front of the shirt is not mandatory, although it is recommended. At JAGGS you will find pleated or honeycomb bibs.

The ideal for a tuxedo shirt is to have a flap on the buttonhole in the front of the shirt.

This detail formalizes your shirt and instills a natural presence. 

With the taking of measurements and the choice of options, we put everything in place so that your shirt corresponds to your desires and your personality. 

illustration boule d'épingle pour costume sur-mesure

Millimetric measurement

The pattern of your shirt is determined by our professional tailors, who take precise measurements.

Possible alterations are still possible after your first fitting.


100% customisable

Your made-to-measure tuxedo shirt is unique and singular. 

You can select all the details that compose it and customise it according to your taste… 

illustration garantie de livraison en 4 semaines maximum

Delivery in 4 weeks

After the measurements are taken, your shirt is made in our European workshops. 

It is available in our shop within 4 weeks from the moment you order. 

Whether you have already totally succumbed to charm or you prefer to get information directly in our shop first, we invite you to book an appointment.

Discovery appointment: 30 minutes to make yourself an idea!

If you feel tempted by JAGGSSTYLE but you are not quite sure about your choice, let’s meet up and we will show you all the things that can be done in concrete terms, from fabrics to customisation…

This meeting takes 30 minutes in general.

You are convinced by JAGGSSTYLE? Great!

If you have never purchased from JAGGS, it is necessary that we book an appointment for your first order so you may have your measurements taken, design and order your shirt.

For your first order, allow for 1 to 2 hours depending on the type of clothes, accounting for the size-up, the selection of fabrics and customisation.

Find your accessories !

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Go directly to the shop to create your tuxedo shirt. It takes about 30 minutes for a first order with measurements.

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