The excellence of service begins with elegance of your staff. More than just an urbane smile, a flawless appearance is a sizeable asset in the relation with your customers.

Whether you work in the HORECA, in hospitality industry, in sales, in a legal or accounting service, we tailor your workwear with a combination of comfort, quality and elegant appearance.

JAGGS costume sur-mesure et chemise sur-mesure veste business à boutonnières contrastées


Thanks to a team wearing an identical, refined attire, you inspire confidence and seriousness.

Furthermore, carefully selected garments strengthen team spirit and the feeling of corporate belonging.

Whatever your trade or your business sector, thanks to made-to-measure, we provide you with a perfect service attire, designed in accordance with your needs.

We make a point of honour combining maximum comfort and aesthetics for all your clothing items.

Besides, our tailors pay close attention to the well-being and the practicality of outfits: crease resistance, pockets, stainless fabric, etc.

We work with the best workshops in Europe in order to bring you clothes with flawless quality and that will stand the test of time.

By definition, workwear is used on a daily basis, as a consequence we provide durable, sturdy clothes.

We organise “Tailoring” days just for you, within your company. A solution that is flexible with corporate life and the overloaded everyday life of employees.

Our tailors come to you, take each and everyone’s measurements and customise their clothes. Save your staff and your colleagues time by letting them design their tailor-made attire on the workplace.

And guess what: It is an exclusive service, free of charge! Well, that’s how we work at JAGGS. 

Invest in your corporate image by offering outfits adapted to your trade and your employees.

vêtements adaptés - offre en entreprise

Adapted clothes

Garments that suit your image and the various body types of your staff.

Our outfits aim for comfort and elegance

présentation irréprochable - service en entreprise

Undisputable appearance

A major asset in customer relations, our outfits give you a flawless appearance.

You show your customers an appealing image of your company

Service en entreprise

On-site service

Our tailors come directly to you to size up your employees within the premises of your company.

A significant time saver that makes things easier for all your team.

Want to know more about it?

Contact the JAGGS Team and we book a meeting to assess your needs and meet your expectations and those of your team as much as possible.

We are looking forward to reading your message!

In a bar or a restaurant, the image reflected by the waiting staff is of crucial importance.

In a more or less formal fashion, you can clothe your bartenders and waiters homogeneously.

A style code specific to your brand which adds appeal to your service.

And let’s not forget: we also provide stainless fabrics! A must-have when one works in a dining room and would rather avoid changing shirts three times per service.

Have you ever bought anything from an unkempt, poorly-clad seller? There’s hardly a chance you have.

Our outfits confer charisma and presence to your sellers. A powerful sales argument.

From the 3-piece suit to the chino+blazer blend, choose the level of formality that suits your brand.

Welcome your customers in the best possible conditions, that is, with personnel wearing tailor-made clothes!

Standardise attires, with or without accessories, to convey a serious feel as well as to let your customers identify your staff at first glance.

Whether you run a legal firm, a trust company or an architect’s office, your attire speaks volumes about your seriousness.

Beside daily comfort, our creations bring you the guarantee of a well-groomed professional aura that measures up to your services.

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