Do you wear shirts to work every day? It is imperative that they fit you and reflect your function, but above all that you feel VERY well in them!

JAGGS has set itself the task of reconciling work, comfort and elegance for your made-to-measure shirts.

Because a beautiful business suit should always be worn with elegant shirts, at JAGGS, we offer to create unique made-to-measure business shirts!

More than 600 fabrics and multiple customisation options are available in our shops to make your business shirt comfortable and charismatic. 

JAGGS chemise et costume sur-mesure près de Bruxelles: Costume sur-mesure Bleu avec Chemise sur-mesure blanche 2018


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Make a stylish and inimitable professional shirt. 

Having a nice shirt is good. Having several is better!

Do you have to wear a shirt to work every day? At JAGGS, we advise you to have a dozen or so in your wardrobe. Preferably with a few variations: white shirts (with and without cufflinks), blue shirts and blue stripes. At the very least.

This allows you, on the one hand, to choose a shirt according to your mood of the day, but also to be able to vary the combinations and not look like you are wearing the same thing all the time.

Your shirt collar lining will rarely be visible.

However, if it is contrasted, it adds value to your garment, while remaining very professional.

A white collar and/or cuffs are also possible.

To make your shirt even more exclusive, you can embroider your initials on it!

A detail that makes your shirt totally unique.

Because in the professional world, it is important to be able to exude seriousness and presence. And although it is said that clothes don’t make the man, a badly cut shirt is never a guarantee of respect. 

illustration boule d'épingle pour costume sur-mesure

Measures retained

All your measurements are kept in our workshop.

Why do we do this? To make ordering your next shirt easier by only having to go through the customisation stage. 


Guaranteed alterations

All business shirts ordered from JAGGS come with a 90 day alterations guarantee. 

We can adjust your shirt after your fitting if necessary. 

illustration garantie de livraison en 4 semaines maximum

Delivered in 4 weeks

After the measurements have been taken and the order placed, your shirt is made in our workshop. 

It will be back in our shop within 4 weeks. 

Whether you have already totally succumbed to charm or you prefer to get information directly in our shop first, we invite you to book an appointment.

Discovery appointment: 30 minutes to make yourself an idea!

If you feel tempted by JAGGSSTYLE but you are not quite sure about your choice, let’s meet up and we will show you all the things that can be done in concrete terms, from fabrics to customisation…

This meeting takes 30 minutes in general.

You are convinced by JAGGSSTYLE? Great!

If you have never purchased from JAGGS, it is necessary that we book an appointment for your first order so you may have your measurements taken, design and order your shirt.

For your first order, allow for 1 to 2 hours depending on the type of clothes, accounting for the size-up, the selection of fabrics and customisation.

Find your accessories !

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Visit our shop directly to design your business shirt. It takes about 30 minutes to go through a first order with size-up included.

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